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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Biden in His Words

 I read an editorial in the Valley News, our local paper, entitled "Conquering a great nation through division and hate" by Willem Lange.  You can read the entire editorial HERE.  What struck me that I felt needed sharing was this quote from Joe Biden in an interview that he had with Evan Osnos of The New Yorker.

Referring to our current chaos, Joe Biden reflects: "I thought you could defeat hate. You can't. It only hides. It crawls under the rocks, and when given oxygen by any person in authority, it comes roaring back out ... The words of a President, even a lousy President, matter.  They can take you to war, they can bring peace, they can make the market rise, they can make it fall. But they can also give hate oxygen."

More and more we are seeing hate given oxygen by tRump.

Please say that you plan to vote him out!

After I first posted this I came across this that reinforces what is happening.  Thanks to  OctoberFarm.