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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures #3

When I was a child I played with these four heavy Amish figures: Papa, Mama, sister and brother.   I don't remember when I came to own them; maybe when my parents downsized to move to a retirement community in the 90s.  I also don't know how my parents came to acquire them.  

Once I owned them I started to collect more.

I'd see them in antique stores.  Some were salt and pepper containers.

Others just figures.  I have never found any like my original family of four.

Some are obviously newer than others.

These two sit on a bench.

These two are part of an ash tray.

My last three purchases are these. Larger than the others, they are banks.

I still look when I venture into an antique store but its been years since I've seen any to purchase.
Besides I don't know where I'd put them.