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Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 Look what Dan uncovered in the barn?

A huge sign.  Maybe 6'x 10'.

It had been nailed to the back wall of the first section of the barn but with the sign against the wall.  The backside had been treated like a blackboard which is what we thought it was at first.  Dan had very long nails to pull out to get it unattached and revealed. We moved it outside for this photo but it's back in the barn for now.

Based on the picture of the cream separator it looks to be of 1911-1912 vintage.  It also confirms for us what we've seen on maps that our house was a store.  Now we know that at one time it was the Huggins store. But we now realize that it's not a convenience type store but one that sells milking equipment.

Notice that the illustration on our sign is the same as the one on this 1912 calendar.

The DeLaval company still exists making equipment for milking.

This is a bit of history that's going to have to remain with this house.  We will find someplace to mount it; probably in the upper loft which I want to turn into a game room.

More finds to come!