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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Come to the Tunbridge Fair


One Friday in September we went to the Tunbridge World's Fair.
Senior Day as it turned out.

Lots of food, lots of animals, but the best part was Antique Hill with anything you could think of from times gone by.

Blogger has mixed up all the photos so no order remains to them but see if you can spot any of these items: a sleigh, a Giant, cream separator, log splitter, a loom, a barrel chimney, a school marm, hand hewn logs and log water pipes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Last of Maine Trip

After reading and hearing about the fort up the Kennebec from Fort Western when we were in Augusta, we went looking for Fort Fairfax outside Waterville where we were staying at a very nice Hampton Inn.

We chanced upon it.


While Fort Western had the garrison structure remaining, Fort Fairfax only had the remains of its block house. Not much to this park in comparison to Fort Western.

Another interesting attraction in Waterville was the 2 Cent Bridge over the Kennebec River.

The red structure is where the toll was collected.  Originally 1 cent then increased to 2 cents. 

The bridge was used by employees of the paper mill on the Winslow side of the river.  Those mills are now closed but ...

... something is coming out of them and looks to be polluting the water.

Of course the fad of attaching locks to bridges found its way here too.

It is lovely bit of the river that has been restored in recent years.

Sunday morning the 12th we headed home.  It had been good to get away and for a time forget the pandemic.  But there were times especially in restaurants when we were conscious that we may be taking a chance and getting exposed despite our vaccinated status. Fortunately, we came home healthy,  have since gotten our flu shots and look forward to soon getting the Covid booster.