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Thursday, March 17, 2016

First Event at Our Soon to be New Abode

As a future resident of Vantage House I was invited to attend a presentation that happens once a month there on genealogy. The subject for March was Land Deeds.  Fascinating stuff genealogy!  Like solving a mystery and I love reading mysteries.  I noticed in the elevator a plethora of activities being announced for the coming days.  I'll take advantage of those once we live there.

I learned a lot at this presentation and hope to put that new knowledge to work after this move.  I joined in January and did some sleuthing with that.  I have had an interest in genealogy for some time and even took a course at the community college in 1979 but then I had children and no time.  Now I have the time so I will return to it.  It's my husband's ancestors that need to be researched.  I had an uncle who did major research and wrote up the genealogy for my side.  I suppose it can still be fleshed out more.

There were three other people besides the presenter in attendance.  I think it was a lighter than normal attendance since names were mentioned that were missing.  One woman was a prospective resident though she hadn't made up her mind yet.  The other couple were new residents as of December but they haven't sold their old house yet.  The wife said she needs to clean out the basement before they can do that.  I'm so glad we have never had a basement in the three houses we have owned.

Next up at Vantage House will be for us both to go to dinner there.  The food comes with such rave reviews even from some of our friends who are moving to another retirement community in near by Ellicott City.

House staging continues in earnest.  Mostly it's the deep cleaning tasks that are on the list before the photographer comes on the 28th.  A "Coming Soon" sign was to go up today but I didn't see it when I went out or upon my return.