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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Rollins State Park

 One Saturday in late July, we set out to take a hike that I'd read about in Yankee magazine. The description made it sound like a doable first hike for us as new residents of New Hampshire. And it was doable, but not as we expected.

First we didn't realize that we needed to make a reservation to enter the park and drive to the trail to take us to the summit of Mount Kearsarge.  We found that out when we arrived. So since we had our lunch with us we started to eat it and wait for cars to leave so we could enter.  We would be the second in line.  We expected a fairly long wait since the attendant said there had been few cars down.   It wasn't so long and in fact we had to gather up our lunch and take it with us when she gave us the sign to go up.

The second surprise was the trail.  Described in the magazine write up as a former carriage road we expected a gravel or dirt pathway up the mountain. Does this look like a carriage road to you?

It was a 300 vertical feet climb for over a half a mile.  I was glad for hiking shoes and my L.L. Bean hiking stick.

Here's the summit.

Like many mountain tops in NH it's bald.  Devoid of most trees not because it's above tree line, just no soil for trees to grow.

On the trail besides people and dogs were these little motorized vehicles.

It was a lovely day for a hike.