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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"thirteen moons" by Charles Frazier

Not too long ago Garrison Keillor's "Writers' Alamanac" mentioned the birthday of Charles Frazier. He made his debut as the author of "Cold Mountain", a book I enjoyed reading despite its graphic descriptions and obscure vocabulary. I thought to myself let me see what else Frazier has written and found "thirteen moons" at the library.

What a disappointment. Don't bother reading it. It's a memoir of a fictional character and it rambles on and on. I stuck with it to the end only by skimming through much of it. I wanted to find out if the main character ever connects with the love of his life again. That point in the story was totally unsatisfactory and since I've told you not to read it I will tell you that the author never lets you know what happens to Claire.

I guess Charles Frazier was a one book wonder.