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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Old Wreath


I made this wreath in December 1974 making it 48 years old this Christmas.

It has held the colors well over the years.  Only the felt leaves and the silk flowers and berries are looking tired. I could replace the latter to freshen it up a bit.

The pattern came from Better Homes and Garden I recall.  We were still living in our first apartment in Alexandria, VA when I made it.  We moved that Christmas Eve 1974 to our first house in Columbia, MD.  It moved with us in 1979 to a single family house still in Columbia, and again in 2003 when we moved to an apartment when we were building The Lodge.  It may have been in storage until we moved to the Lodge in fall of 2005.  It went with us to Vantage House in 2016 when we sold the Lodge and moved to a retirement high rise community in downtown Columbia.  Then in July 2020 it moved with us here to NH.

I'm not parting with this wreath any time soon.