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Thursday, May 3, 2018

On the Rhine River

One of the many things I like about river boating (this was my second trip) is watching the world pass by.  On Friday March 30th the morning was spent enroute to our next stop.  I decided to use the time to walk the track on the deck and watch the scenery.  I think I walked for more than an hour.

Take a look at the sights with me.  You can click on them to see them enlarged.

Here's the deck with the walking path.

Lots of different ships going the opposite direction.

I could see people on the shore enjoying the holiday (Good Friday).

Even campers in the cold Spring weather.

Dan used the time to do some journaling.

Mistletoe, I think.  There were other trees with even more on other days.

Distance markers along the shore line.  Not sure if they were in miles or kilometers.  I think the other sign shows a water skier.

An industrial area ahead.

Ever heard of BASF?  Its a huge chemical manufacturer.  The plant we sailed by is the biggest one in the world.

It's a city in itself.

This is where we docked.  Buses then took us to Heidelberg or Speyer. There was no traffic since it was a holiday and everything was closed as I soon discovered in Speyer.