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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our travels south along the Mississippi brought us to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the capital of the state.     It was Sunday so there wasn't much traffic and it was easy to park on the street.

We parked in front of this castle and then learned it was the old state capitol.  It sits on that rise overlooking the Mississippi River.

Many of the towns along the river have flood control levees or walls.  Baton Rouge had a huge levee. The red on the side of the levee is letters spelling Baton Rouge.

Dan ventured down the steps to get a closer view of the river.

I stayed up on the promenade that runs along the top of the levee.  

There were railroad tracks to cross to reach the promenade but it wasn't clear if they were still in use.

Returning to our car I noticed the lovely stained glass window in the old capitol.  The sun was hitting it just right.

We stayed overnight in the outskirts of Baton Rouge.  Monday we were headed to New Orleans.  More to come on the next part of our trip.