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Friday, May 8, 2015

Road Scholar Trip - Day 2

We took our very first Road Scholar Trip titled "Mark Twain and the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark and The Civil War".  The draw was Mark Twain but all of it was wonderful.

Day 2 was a visit to WhiteHaven, home to Ulysses and Julia Grant and then after lunch to the Jefferson Barracks, the oldest military installation west of the Mississippi River.

Here are the photos I took this day.

Looking out at the house after the movie screen lifted.

The Park ranger was a fount of information on Grant, his wife and her family.  It was her family's home and they were slave owners.

Road Scholar group of 24 listens intently.  

The color was researched and it was painted that color when Julia and Ulysses came to own it.

There are very few furnishings since there are none in the Park Service possession that belonged to the Grants.

You can see that it was a gorgeous day.

Back view of house gives a sense of the many additions over time.

[I took no photos at the Jefferson Barracks.]