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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chef's Table Dinner

Friday evening of our cruise was the night we signed up to eat at the special Chef's Table for a 5 course tasting menu.  It was our 44th wedding anniversary.

It's described as a tasting menu because there are a variety of items on each plate that are just a taste.  I didn't write down what it was we had.  Sorry.

It was very rich food.  Though I enjoyed eating it, I paid for it overnight.  Ever have that happen to you?  I stayed on board when we arrived in Strasbourg, France the next morning.  

postscript: In answer to the question posed by a reader about why the Bishop in Speyer encouraged Jews to come live there I went in search of an answer in Wikipedia.

The reason for asking the Jews to come to Speyer was their important role in the money and trade businesses, especially with distant regions. Money lenders were needed on a large scale for the construction of the cathedral. The deliberate settlement of Jews was seen as a measure for business development. The Jews can also be regarded as pioneers of urban development in Germany.[6] Bishops, lords or kings who granted privileges and protection to the Jews were at the same time securing for themselves considerable revenues and protection fees; since persecution of Jews and trade restrictions led to considerable economic disadvantages and loss of revenues, it was in the ruler's best interest to restrain the antisemitic fervor of the lower clergy and the public.