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Friday, February 10, 2012

Agatha Christie

In January I came upon a new paperback of one of Agatha Christie's mysteries featuring Miss Marple.  I hadn't read one of these in years so checked it out.  As I began to read I realized it was a familiar story, but an interesting thing happened.  I was forming pictures in my mind of the characters and the setting but once I realized I had read it before I also remembered how I had pictured it before and it was entirely different.  I decided to stick with my present visualization of the story because I remembered that my first one was much darker and foreboding.  It was still fun rereading the story even though I did remember who did it.  The book by the way was "Sleeping Murder".

Once I finished the book I set a challenge to myself to read all of Agatha Christie's books.  I'm sure there is a challenge out there in the blogging world to do just that but I'm too lazy to go looking so it will be my own personal challenge.  I photocopied the front listing of all her books so as I read I can check them off.  Since I'll be reading other books as well this may be more than a one year challenge (especially once spring comes and the garden calls.)  But for now I have the time to read and enjoy it.

So far I've been sticking to the Miss Marple series and this week finished "At Bertram's Hotel" and "Caribbean Mystery".  The former I had never read but the latter was somewhat familiar.