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Thursday, April 9, 2020

An Escape

Today once the fog cleared it was a beautiful blue sky day.  I woke in a bit of a bad mood and suggested to Dan we return to the woods we'd walked briefly in on Monday and then go to Chik-Fil-A drive through for lunch.  Dan jumped on the idea.

What a wonderful escape!

Above Monday and the redbuds in bloom.
Below today.

Above Monday, below today.

The trail is well maintained.  It's a park of the county park system but preserves part of the watershed of the Middle Patuxent River.

Lovely to see the ferns unfolding,

the canopy greening,

wild flowers in bloom,

skunk cabbage leaves unfurled,

and first sighting of Trout lily, the yellow flower, along with a May apple leaves.

We passed two other people today.  The second one said that he just got a severe thunderstorm alert on his phone.  We had seen the dark clouds but to the east and systems usually come from the west.  We made the full loop with the sky darkening and wind whipping up.  Got back to the car for the first raindrops.  They didn't last long. 

Off to Chik-Fil-A drive through.  Attendants waiting curbside masked and gloved 6 feet away with iPads in hand to take our orders, we swiped our credit card and traveled to the window to pick up our order.  Bag included Purell wipes.  Found a nice parking spot to eat our lunch, listening to the radio (storm to the east of us), and feel the wind.

We took a leisurely drive back home feeling good about our escape.

How are you escaping the confines of the stay at home order but not violating the social distancing?