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Monday, January 4, 2016

Ellicott City

On the day after Christmas we headed out for a walk and visit to the B&O Train Museum in Ellicott City, MD.  We parked on the Oella side (Baltimore County) of the Patapsco River and walked across the bridge to the Ellicott City side (Howard County).  With all the rain the river was running high.

Founded as a mill town, there is still a mill, the Washington Flour Company, on the Oella side.

Our granddaughter is fascinated with trains and we wanted her to see the caboose at the museum.  

We were early so we forgo the museum in favor of looking at the caboose through the fence.  

As we stood there we heard the whistle of an approaching train.  Ellicott City known for being  the terminus of that famous race between the first train and a horse drawn carriage is still on a very active freight rail line.  The train coming through was a long line of empty coal cars headed west to be refilled.

Granddaughter had never seen a real train and this was a loud introduction.  We all quickly moved across the street to watch it pass.

Ellicott City is an interesting place to visit for the shops and restaurants too.  

But after visiting one antique store we crossed the Patapsco River again for our walk on the Trolley Trail. That will be the subject of another post.

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