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Wednesday, May 15, 2013





Lily of the Valley

Daffodil (name forgotten)

More irises


Siberian Iris

Favorite iris


Going to bloom this year! YEAH!  Peony.

May apple

Linking to May Bloom Day

Watch Out for That Window!

We have many windows and despite the special reflector decals I've put on them, birds continue to make contact with mixed results.  These two were lucky ones.

This red bellied sapsucker was quite stunned by his hit.

After many minutes I coaxed him to climb the beam.  It was a good two hours before he finally flew off.

Sunday we found this Kentucky warbler.  I had to look him up in Peterson to identify him and then added him to my list.

He also was gently coaxed to flight.  Since it was dusk we were afraid the fox would get him if he stayed on the ground.