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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday Walk

It felt good to get out and walk.  I've been limited since December in how much or how long I could walk by a bum heel (plantar fascia).  I got the go ahead from the physical therapist to start exercising again.  New shoes make a difference, too but when I get my molded inserts from the podiatrist I should feel even better.

We get the Sunday Washington Post only, so must go up to our mailbox on the main road to get it.  This is a walk down our driveway (1/5 of a mile), up the lane and return down the lane and up our driveway.  One mile round trip.  I took the camera along.

Down our hill to the creek crossing.  Here's a view of the creek and when you look closely ...

you can see the skunk cabbage making an appearance.

And the yellow irises are also greening up there.

Looking up through the glen, our house is up on the right out of the photo, there is no sign of spring yet.

Along the lane this was a bright sight.

I noticed all the critter holes on my way up the lane so made a point of capturing them on my return trip.

Back up almost to the top of our driveway.  Won't be long before the green shows on the grass and trees.

I was greeted at the top by three bluebirds.  This one sat for a portrait.