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Friday, June 5, 2020

At Random

Today is my oldest daughter's 39th birthday.  Happy birthday, Emily!

Lately I've been focused too much on the news - always ever hopeful for good news.  And there is good news out there.  The protests are making a difference and there are events in the streets that bring tears of joy: a 16 year old youth in Detroit who calmed the protesting crowd and brought the protest to a close at curfew time; a musician in Washington who got the crowd to hold up their iPhone flashlights and sing along to "Lean on Me" (hope I got that song title right); and members of police forces who take a knee, raise a fist, and/or engage in conversation in support of the protests.

Now for something totally different.

1) the perennials I have to dig up and transport to Buffalo in two weeks. Bleeding heart, heuchera, lily of the valley (hidden), iris, daly lilies and black eyed Susan.

2) Dan's cousin has a 50th wedding anniversary.  I made this card for them

3) Sunsets have been spectacular of late.  We will miss our exposure once we move, both from the 11th floor and looking in three directions.  We will be on the 2nd floor looking north in NH.

4) Saturday we went on a nice walk in Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area.  It was a gorgeous day.  This is the largest remaining serpentine ecosystem in the eastern United States.