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Monday, March 16, 2015

60º Walk About

Yes, it was in the 60s today with no wind.  Time to walk around the yard to see what's going on.

Join me.

The Glen Garden has no sign of growth.

The pond is full of ice and snow yet.

The garlic is green there in the center bed.

English laurel was the main meal for the deer this winter.

Saw a blue bird earlier so opened up the box to clean it out.

View down our driveway into the wetlands below and pipeline easement beyond.

Nothing growing out front in Mom's Garden.

This hazel nut clump looks strange.  Why is there a bigger trunk?  May have to check once leaves come out to see if there's another kind of tree in there with the hazelnut.

Looking down into the woods.  I didn't get there anytime this winter.

Coming around to the backyard again.

Fairy garden house will need some rebuilding.

Perennial garden still dormant?

No, there's a spot of color from several clumps of crocus.

60º how nice!