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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Along the Roadside

 Saturday morning I head up my road to the farmstand that's only open on Saturday.  Lauren sells eggs,   meat and this Saturday - goat cheese spread with herbs.

The wildflowers along the roadside are lovely so had to stop and take some photos.

In other news the barn contractor came today. We knew he was finally going to show up because Dan sent another email this week just asking where on his calendar we fit in.  It took several days but he said he'd be here Saturday morning after some errands.  I really didn't believe it because we have heard similar statements though not day specific, only week specific.  He is actually working in there as I type this blog.

Now the carpenter working on renovating our deck?  He was to come Thursday afternoon. No show. He was to be here all day Friday. No show but he did call after Dan tried to reach him.  He'll be here all next week.  Do I believe that?  I'll reserve judgement.

Maybe with my sister and brother in law coming on Wednesday for four days, all these contractors: barn, carpenter, tree/landscape company and flooring contractor (a repair needed on floor installed in February) will all converge on us at once.  Won't that be fun?