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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Faberge Exhibit at the Walters

I spent Friday morning at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.  This was a trip sponsored by Vantage House where we live.

One of their special exhibits is Faberge and the Russian Crafts Tradition with two of the 50 known Faberge Easter eggs owned by the Walters.  That was my first stop before I went exploring some of their other exhibits.  

First an apology - low lighting and difficulty in focusing means that some of these photos are not quite in focus.

At the start of the exhibit is this opened egg.

The egg is maybe 5 inches tall at the most so the scene inside is miniscule.

Besides the amazing carving what was astounding was that it was on mammoth ivory.

This necklace has paintings of the 4 daughters of Nicholas II and lots of diamonds.

Nearby was their photo.

Gold, diamonds, precious stones, silver and enamel were common elements in many of these pieces.

I loved this casket (box) for its many patterns.

Then there were these 4 animals carvings.

In a room by itself was this second egg.

It wasn't opened because once it contained a necklace which has been lost to history.

Many of the items in the exhibit are owned by the Walters having been collected by Henry Walters.  Others have been donated to the Walters or are on loan for this exhibit.