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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wreath Making

 My daughter brought balsam fir boughs to our basement and we set up shop to make wreaths.  Sorry no photos of the work area but take my word for it, it's a mess with needles and branches all over.

You've seen the wreath I made for our front porch on my header.

Here's another one I made and attached to one old single snowshoe that we found in the barn loft.  

Funny that the house doesn't look as yellow as the photo of the porch wreath.

This wreath is hanging by our side door.  In New England most people don't use their front doors.

This afternoon granddaughters came over with Emily and we helped them make wreaths to give to their teachers.  I worked with granddaughter number 2.  She decided the pattern of dried flowers and helped select the bundles which I wired on a metal wreath frame.  We got halfway finished and she said, "Nana, you can finish it!"

The one I helped with is on the left.


Here's the one Emily made last week for her new door. She's the pro!