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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Finally Some Snow

We have had minuscule amounts of snow all winter.  Now that Spring arrived we are having our snow storm for 2018.

We are so glad not to have to worry about shoveling and snowplowing the driveway we once owned. In fact we have not had to venture out at all except on the balcony to take these photos.

The snow event started yesterday as freezing rain and sleet.  Here are the icicles forming on the north balcony railing yesterday.

Then overnight another system came through and heavy snow started before daybreak.

Here's the same railing this afternoon.

And here is the view from the south balcony.

The temperature is warming so dark surfaces like the pathway above are losing the snow and ice.  It was snow covered for much of the day.

It will rapidly disappear once the sun shines tomorrow.