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Friday, November 12, 2021

More on The Meeting House

 My post of Wednesday generated some questions about the Meeting House.

What was the Meeting House? 

It was originally a Baptist Church and was built in another part of the township close to another church. Historical sign says this church moved. Other sources say the two churches didn't get along. Don't know how the move happened except maybe by taking it apart (it's wooden) and rebuilding it.  The church disbanded at some time and as with churches around here became the property of the town. 

My son in law winds the clock though for the last year it has been out of service while a broken part has had to be fashioned.  Not something that can just be ordered.  He has had a time of it getting it made.

He let us in one day when friends visited to see the inside.

Is it still in use?

The Meeting House has been renovated recently and is advertised as a spot for weddings but haven't seen any activities at all there. My daughter says it doesn't have heat so that would impact its use.  Not sure about restrooms either though it does have a kitchen.

It's quite a beautiful structure to look at from our north facing windows in any season.