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Monday, May 21, 2018

Mt. Pilatus

In order to see the Alps while we were in Switzerland we needed to get up high.  We accomplished that with our trip to Lucerne from Basel and from there to the top of Mt. Pilatus.

First we caught the tram a half block from the hotel.

That took us to the train station.

Once in Lucerne we got a bus and told the driver where we wanted to go so he told us the stop.

We followed the signs pointing the way up a hill passing this lovely church.

See the red and white signs up ahead?  That's the spot to get the cable car to that mountain in the distance.

Here's Dan in the cable car as we leave.  Each cable car seats 4.  We had it to ourselves.

We get above the town very fast.

There are two stops along the way and we made the mistake of getting out before we realized it was too soon.  So we clamored into the next car.

This mountain isn't just a destination at the top.  In the summer there are all sorts of venues including a rope park, tree tenting, and hiking trails.  On the other side is a cog railroad accessed by a ferry from downtown Lucerne.  It was too early in the season for that to be running.

We changed to a gondola at the second stop.  It was much bigger.

Here's Dan at the top.  

If it were summer time you could take a short hike to the actual top.

It was still winter.

View of the Alps.

Here's a gondola heading up as we await our turn to go down.

Still time to explore Lucerne before catching the train back to Basel.