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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a Difference July Makes!

It's happened! It was hidden in the leaves so when I went out for the garden update photos yesterday I missed it entirely. But later when I went to harvest the cucumbers for refrigerator pickles (a la Daphne's Dandelions) I saw it. I let it sit for the day and today it's being celebrated! THE FIRST RUTGERS TOMATO! Yeah!

But back to the difference July makes for a moment. Each of my three eggplants has a fruit hanging from it.

The peppers are loaded with lovelies in fact I picked some last night for the evening casserole recipe.

The zucchinis are producing and I have to pick every other day now to keep ahead of them. I picked four yesterday and only used one and there are more to be picked tonight.

Cucumbers are doing super. Great taste too.

The butternut squash is up. This was a late planting and I hope it has enough time to produce for me.

Tomato plants are loaded and despite the wilt I had on a few branches which I think was due to overwatering and the occasional hornworm (4 picked this morning), the tomatoes are lovely. And now my first ripe one.

Rutgers on the fence. The ones on the mesh trellis (not pictured) are responsible for the first ripened fruit.

Amish paste.


Here's the damage the bunnies have done to the green beans. I harvested three beans today - all that was there - and pulled the plants.

The new beans are under chicken wire but since this photo yesterday some of the seedlings have disappeared. I don't think the bunnies could fit under the wire so it may be cut worms or slugs.

I made owl faces on old cds which I've hung on the fence. These and the hope that as the bunnies get bigger they won't fit through the wire fencing are what I'm counting on to prevent further damage.

Ah, July and so much yet to bring into the kitchen to enjoy!