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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

High Tea

Friday, last, I joined three book club friends for afternoon tea at the Granite Rose Tea Parlour.

What fun!

Coming in the front door the tea kitchen is straight back.  The rest of the kitchen is downstairs.

One dining room to the left was once the owners living room.

We were in the red dining room to the right.  Here are Sally and Sue seated while we wait for Ellen.  We were going to be a party of 6 but two canceled out.

There is a two sided tea list to choose from.

I had Baroness Grey, a change for me because I usually order Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

I like my tea with a bit of sugar and milk or cream.

First course was scones with a hint of lavender and made with coconut milk so they were lactose free not that any of us needed that.

Next course was a cold blueberry soup with pomegranate juice.

The next course went down too fast and I didn't get photos.  It was the petite sandwiches.

Here's the dessert course.

Here are all of us.  Ellen on the far left then me.

Our gracious hostess, Kathy.  Her husband Bill did not get his photo taken.  I met them when we lived in our last house and we were both active in the local community association.