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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Three Dress Wedding

It pays to plan and be organized.  Daughter Sarah's wedding on Monday the 29th went so smoothly! Now I can't believe its over and done with and I have two married daughters and two wonderful sons-in-law.

Sarah picked out a lovely wedding dress.  It was perfect for her and for the occasion.  But she didn't stop there.  Her friend Alice in China sent her a Chinese wedding dress and at the last minute after practicing dancing in a long skirt she opted to change at the brunch reception in the last hour before the toasts, cake cutting and fun dances into my wedding dress from 1974.

Which dress do you like the best?

The ivory wedding dress.  Photo courtesy of her new father-in-law.

Here she is with me and daughter Emily (older sister) prior to the wedding.  Pearls and veil have yet to be placed.  Photo courtesy of Emily's camera.

The red Chinese wedding dress with bride's maid Kelly in background. I took this photo at rehearsal.

 The blue wedding dress, mine from March 1974.  I wish it still fit me!  It was perfect to do the Lindy Hop and Salty Dog Rag.  Photo courtesy of Emily.

 Here she is with William, her new husband, cutting the cake.  It was a carrot cake. I don't have any photos yet of her in her ivory dress with William in his tux.  Photo courtesy of Emily.

 Sarah and William at the rehearsal.  Photo courtesy of Emily.

What a fun day and the weather cooperated, too.