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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

In the Garden

Siberian Iris and not the usual blue.

Peony taking its time opening.

Chives in bloom


Walking onions are tangling. I watched a hummingbird check out the blooms.

First irises - palest yellow.

This iris promises to bloom but a white iris I got from Vickie Lane had buds frozen in mid-May freeze.

The bleeding heart is recovering from that freeze

as is this Hosta.

Of three rhodadendren this is the newest but it too must have had buds frozen.

This one did bloom

but this one needs to be pulled from ground.  It didn't survive the winter. It's the second one we've had die.

These two heuchera (coral bells) were planted at the same time but the one above is thriving while the one below is just hanging on.

Hosta likes its location.