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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Book Recommendation

I found this book on the new book shelf in the library on the first floor here where I live.  

Here's the blurb on the back which convinced me to read it.

It's been a very long time since I've read a book that moved me to tears.  This one did.  I had to pause for a day before reading the last part. I was incredibly moved by this story.  If you find a copy, I hope you'll tell me how you liked it and if you were moved by it.

In other matters the book discussion group here has become very large - over 20 mostly women attendees. With the size of the group the titles selected to read were limited by how many were available including large print.  Many months I'd pass on reading the book selected because it was not to my taste in books.  The leader of the group has become terminally ill and has stepped down.  It seemed the best time to divide the group so yesterday I spoke up.  I may have ruffled some feathers but the spin off group met today and named themselves as the 1st Tuesday Book Group.  We chose a book for April, contacted the library to set ourselves up and have a list of books for the next 7 months.  We made a great start. Now both groups will be a manageable size.

I know I'm a good organizer but I've got a lot on my plate already: vice chair of church board, chair of ad hoc committee at church to redo website, chair of 50th birthday planning committee for church, organizer for another book club, and tomorrow testifying at a zoning hearing.  Oh, I forgot I'm editor of our retirement community newsletter and next issue is April.

Is this retirement?