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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stone Faces and Other Notes

When our house was built 6 years ago, the stone mason we found was a real artist and showed his talents by his arrangement of the stone walls.  He didn't just stack the stones flat sides to flat sides he mixed in some faces of stones.  It turned out to be much more interesting with the faces showing.

Yesterday I finally got back to that pallet of stone and used the remainder to rebuild the stone walls around two beds outside Dan's study.

 As I worked I realized that some of the stones would look more interesting with their faces showing as the stone mason had done.

 I also replanted the bed of hostas by bringing the shorter ones forward because at the height of summer the ones in the back grow so huge they cover the front ones.  (Sorry I don't remember the varieties names).  I placed one stone as an upright in front.

As I walked back and forth from the pallet with my load I spotted other stones in the perennial garden that looked like they need to show their faces.

I still need to straighten the walls of the perennial gardens and as I do that I'll see what other faces need showing.

Other Notes:

1. Remember this poor morning glory that got devoured by the deer?
 Yesterday I spotted pink amongst the leaves that had grown again.  Today I tried to capture another bloom that was trying to open.  I've never grown morning glories but I guess their blooms are one day wonders like day lilies.  Is this bloom just opening or just closing as morning wanes?

 2. What is it about late summer/early fall that brings the potted plants to such magnificence?

 3. Here's the last harvest: a cucumber that fell from the vines as I composted them.  I never saw it there.  The last of the cherry tomatoes - the plant too went to compost. And peppers the plants which are still producing despite cooler temperatures.  On this Thursday of my harvest I also planted more spinach since the first had such a poor germination rate.  Something is eating the Chinese cabbage seedlings, but the other greens I planted earlier are doing okay.  I hope I will have something to harvest this fall.

4.  One year ago we were enjoying some delicious food in Shanghai, China with ordering done by Sarah and her friend, Justin.  Yum!