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Monday, May 23, 2011

Harvest Monday - Green is the Theme

Welcome to my Harvest Monday post. Green continues to be the theme of what I harvest.
Here's the last of the spinach. It has been a prolific producer especially the planting from the fall. I think I will plant more in the fall so I'll have an even bigger harvest in spring 2012. The spring planting didn't grow as well and it was the same variety, too.

Lettuce is doing well, too and I will continue to harvest the bib and baby leaf lettuce.

My onions are slowly being thinned. Here are some I pulled for a stir fry.

Saturday I planted 3 cubanelle, and 3 new ace peppers and 3 eggplants in what was the lettuce and spinach bed. To do it I pulled the straggling spring planted spinach and transplanted the baby leaf lettuce. Wilderness at Growing and Cooking suggested I spray the leaves with a mix of 1 T. epsom salts to 1 gal. of water which I did. She said the peppers would green up and I'd save the flowers.

So here's the promise of things to come: a cubanelle pepper,


a new ace pepper,


more zucchini (these were transplanted into the mound where the first batch didn't germinate),

sweet 100 cherry tomato,

string beans,


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