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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Washington, DC Memorials

We've been talking about going down to Washington, DC to see the memorials that have been dedicated in recent years, the newest one being the Martin Luther King memorial.  All of these are situated west of the Washington monument along the National Mall. We parked in Silver Spring and took the Metro down to the Smithsonian stop and walked in a wide loop visiting all these memorials.  It was hot but well worth the trip on a Sunday.

The photos speak for themselves but I will provide dividing headers to identify what you are looking at.  Maybe it will inspire you to make the trip one day.  You can even do it on rented bicycles or join a segway tour.

The Discovery Bldg in Silver Sping, MD celebrating shark week!

Come up from the Metro and hang a left heading west toward the Washington Monument - still closed from the earthquake last August.  We made a counter clockwise loop going as far west as the Lincoln Memorial before returning to the Metro stop.

The White House due north from the monument.

The DC War Memorial (WWI)

Martin Luther King Memorial.

The FDR Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin from FDR.

Another look across the Tidal Basin.

MLK Memorial as seen from FDR's.

Korean War Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Women of the Vietnam War Memorial.

WWII Memorial

A memorable day!