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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Puzzle Strategy

 I know there are other puzzlers out there who read my blog.  

Here's a question:  How do you complete your puzzles?

Here's what I do.  First I'm limiting myself to 500-550 pieces.  The 1000 piece ones were too time consuming and frustrating because they have to have such tiny pieces.

I first go through the box to get the edge pieces.  As I do this I also pick out a predominate color to put in a pile.  In this puzzle it was the blue sky.

Once I have most of the edge pieces and have assembled what I can, I look for other distinguishing colors or patterns or faces or words.  

Like the red and white awning.

Words on signs.

or flowers.

I assemble what I can and place them in about the spot in the puzzle.

I then work out from those or look for lines that cut across the puzzle.  In this one there will be the line where the sky meets the trees to look for.  There will be the roof line.  I also can pick out all the cow colors or all the greens.  You get the idea.

What do you do?