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Friday, September 23, 2011

Environmental Good Sense

I know that there are a lot of you out there who concur with me that any little thing we can do to help our environment will eventually make a difference.  Something as simple as carrying your own bags into the grocery store and using them time after time.  Carrying a bag in your purse to whip out for those purchases at other stores instead of getting a plastic bag.  (I use a fabric one and even showed on an earlier blog how to make these Chinese peasant bags.)  This may not seem like much of an effort, but if more and more of us do it, there will be an impact.

Lately I've taken it a step further thanks to my daughter.  She gave me a set of mesh bags to reuse for vegetables.  I then purchased another set from her so I have a good supply.  I take these with me to the grocery store to use instead of those plastic bags the store provides.  They are reusable and allow the vegetables to breathe in the refrigerator.  They are perfect, too for storing veggies directly from the garden that need refrigerating. 

 Here are two bags, one with broccoli from the store and the other with beets from my Mom's garden.

(Recently I saw that Gardener's Supply is selling these types of bags for more than twice the amount of Emily's and I heard from my sister who works for the Container Store that they have them, too at a higher price.)

So for all you environmentally-conscious folks that want a good deal visit Emily's Greens and Jeans etsy site and buy yourself a set or two of these wonderful bags.  You'll be doing another little bit to help the environment.