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Monday, February 8, 2010


We watched this icicle grow yesterday and figured that when we awoke on Monday it would have connected to the rain barrel. Sure enough it has. We have icicles all over, but this is the prize.

Dedication to the Birds

The day before the blizzard hit I meant to go get sunflower seed, but didn't. I emptied my cans into the feeders and filled up the suet cage in preparation for the big storm. All during the snow fall the birds were feeding and soon all the seed was gone. I threw out peanuts for them and even sunflower seeds that I eat shelled of course. Today we went out for gas, groceries and bird seed.

Here are my footprints going out to the first feeder - the tube hanging from the tree. The snow was up to my thigh and it was a workout to walk.

Here are my footprints coming back from the suet cage and the house feeder.

No sooner had I got in and taken off my wet pants and snow filled boots, the birds appeared. I put a seed bell in the suet cage. Here's a downy woodpecker going after it.
The harry woodpecker was also right on the seed bell as were the wren and the red-bellied woodpecker which I didn't get photos of. Word gets around fast that the bird seed is back.