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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raccoons - The Continuing Story

On Monday, I put some peanuts out on the deck to entice the squirrel to come eat them. It ignored them so they were still there in the evening. This morning, when I came into my study I realized that I didn't hear the sound of the fountain in the pond. Looking out there I discovered that the fountain was totally immersed in the pond and out of sight. I unplug it and made a mental note that I would have to wade in there after school today.

I knew the culprit was a raccoon. It always over turns the dish we use to cover the connection between the extension cord and the fountain cord. I knew too it had tried to go fishing for goldfish in my pond.

At breakfast I looked out on the deck where the peanuts had been. All that were left were the shells and wet puddles. We traced the puddles across the deck to wear the raccoon had stepped on it until it stepped off after eating the peanuts.

This evening I put on my boots and waded in. Not only was the fountain pushed under, but a pot of water lilies were on their side too. What I couldn't find was the filter that goes on the pump. Fortunately I had an old one that was relatively clean that I could put on. I suppose when the water level falls some I may find the other filter. Another possibility is that the raccoon took it. I may have to take a tour of the yard to locate it. What I don't see is any evidence that the raccoon caught any goldfish, thankfully.