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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sunflower Season and Other News

 These lovelies are from my daughter's garden.  They self seed each year and she transplants them to the ends of her garden beds.  Next year I'd like to have some of my own growing.

For other news: we have a concrete slab in our barn.  It was poured in the rain last Thursday.  Dan has been keeping it wetted down each day as it cures.  Later this week Dave the concrete guy will come back to saw expansion joints in it.

You can see the mess in front of it and our driveway below.  Another contractor has promised a visit this week to do the grading of the driveway including French drains along the house to keep the winter melt out of the basement.  The surface of the drive will be hardpack not asphalt.

Once that's all done the barn whisperer will be back to put on the doors.

Finally just posted nine books to my 2021 books read list.  I've been remiss in posting there.  Check it out if you need some book suggestions.