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Saturday, July 3, 2021

At Random


Dan and I attended the Northern Stage production of  this play on Tuesday night.

We were maskless as Vermont has removed mask requirement for vaccinated folks.  The theater was outside and created for this their first production since Covid hit last year. It opened June 9th and is closing July 4th.  We have tickets for the next production: Million Dollar Quartet in August.

It was wonderful to be in a theatre again.  The play was very funny and only 97 minutes long with no intermission.  It was very timely with references to the pandemic and closures of theaters.  Amazingly enough they covered all of Shakespeare's plays with only 3 actors.

Smaller lakes in New England are called ponds.  If this were in Maryland where we moved from it would be a lake.  Anyway it's a great swimming spot. 

We were there on a hot day on Wednesday and then again on a cool day on Thursday.
Granddaughters have swim lessons all this month every week day.  We swam too on the hot day but sat it out on the cool day.

Sand came on Friday morning by this dump truck.  He was in a hurry and drove much faster than our stomachs could take.  He didn't hit the house, thankfully.

This excavator arrived too and went to work, moving some sand but mostly digging the hole for the concrete pier I showed last post.

He moved the pier with the excavator to the hole.

It's in and supporting the beam for the barn.

So nice to see progress being made daily.