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Monday, March 12, 2012

Harvest Monday and Other Stuff

I actually had a harvest on Sunday evening: spinach from last Fall's sowing.  There were just enough leaves to add to a stir fry at the very end so they just started to wilt.  What rich flavor they had.  I wish there had been more.

You can see other harvests at our host: Daphne's Dandelions.

In other stuff here's a look at how the seedlings are doing.  I've now only had no shows in two pots of Delicious tomatoes.  I may try to put some more seeds in there or just try some marigolds which I know will germinate.  I planted three or four seeds in each pot and now face the daunting task of deciding which one plant to keep in each pot.  You can see below that of the three, no four New Ace peppers there is not much difference so how to choose?

 I'll have to decide fairly soon which of these Amish paste is the one as they get their second set of leaves.   Decisions, decisions!

 And finally also under the category of other stuff, here are the daffodils outside the bedroom wing windows ...

 ... and the hanging pot of pansies using the cinchers I got at the Flower Show ...
 ... and an interesting pattern on the window of my study in the morning light.  The drips are left over from when I had the humidifier in here when I had a cold but the other mark is left by can you guess?
Yes, a bird making contact with the window.  A hazard unintended by having large clear windows in a woodland setting despite my attempts at putting decals up to warn them.  No dead bird was found on the ground so I think this one survived to hit again another day.