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Friday, August 4, 2017

Harper's Ferry Fences

Monday, Dan and I took a short trip to Harper's Ferry, WV known for that famous raid on the US Arsenal by John Brown in an attempt to start a slave revolt and end slavery.  It didn't go well.  We learned that Harper's Ferry is also historic because of associations with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and the Niagara Movement & WEB DuBois.

to share these fences in Harper's Ferry.

Two rivers meet in Harper's Ferry.  Here's the bridge over the Potomac.

Here's the Shenandoah that empties into the Potomac.

We took a tour with a National Park Service ranger and visited the Harper's Ferry cemetery.

Here's the grave of a Revolutionary War veteran.

Many of the historical buildings are filled with exhibits.

The C & O Canal along the Potomac and the B & O Railroad had a race west.  Though the canal got to Harper's Ferry first the railroad won the race west.  

Here's the bridge over the Potomac, muddy from heavy rains over the weekend. The Appalachian Trail crosses here and Harper's Ferry is about the midpoint of that Maine to Georgia trek.

No bridge seems to be without locks of love these days.