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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thousand Islands, NY

Several years ago a friend told me about a lovely vacation spot in upstate New York along the St. Lawrence River - Thousand Islands.  Last summer we were too late to try to find a rental there but were  within a day trip of it in Fair Haven, NY along Lake Ontario.  We did check it out and were favorably impressed especially of Thousand Island Park, NY on Wellesley Island; accessible by car and with neat architecture.  Once home from vacation I found a rental and booked it for a week in June.  We were there off season or maybe better described as pre-season since there was a lot of preparation going on all over the community.  It was close enough to the start of the season for the library to be open, the kayaks available for rental, and the local ice cream store to be open for business.  We had sun and we had rain but more importantly we had loads of fun.

Here are a few photos.  More available at my photo blog, link on the side bar.

Now owned by the bridge authority.  Left unfinished by the builder when his wife died.

Lots of differing sized boats/ships on the water.

View from the bridge to Wellesley Island and then on to Canada.

Ottawa, Canada is a couple of hours away.

Nearby Wellesley Island State Park provided easy access to nature.

The young ones tried the kayaks.

Rock Island State park accessible by motor boat.

More boat traffic.

Some of the interesting architecture.

Ours was the blue one.

All the islands are owned by someone and usually have a house on them accessible by boat only.

A lovely spot that we plan to return to in summers to come.

Harvest Monday

First tomato, albeit a very small Rutgers.
I also had broccoli and lots of basil this last week.
There are banana and jalapeno peppers that I will harvest once I can use them.
Bush beans should not be too far off. Garlic almost ready to pull to dry.

Other harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blooms & Books

The astilbe is blooming.

New day liles at Dan's study window.

Some of the other colors in the perennial garden.

Now to books.

Just finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  What a page turner!  Even though there is a constant shift in the time period, back and forth between pre WWII England, WWII, the 60s and present day, it builds the suspense and mystery.  It's worth reading a second time in the near future despite now knowing how it all comes together.

The last Agatha Christie I read The Sittaford Mystery was not up to the standard you'd expect from her.  Maybe it was the editors who failed to keep the story believable.  For example, there is huge snowstorm at the start of the story such that roads are impassable.  But how is it in less than a week's time characters are taking walks on the moor or sitting at open windows?  I'm still on my quest to read all her books.  I have less than 20 to go.

Finally, I revisited an old childhood favorite The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett.  I took it on vacation to read and enjoyed it.  I think as an adult I had a better idea picturing the garden she finds since now I'm a gardener.