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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Olcutt Beach, NY

On the same day we visited Fort Niagara we then went to find lunch and visit Olcutt Beach where there was an amusement park geared to youngsters.

I have Tom the Backroads Traveler to thank for telling me about this park

We arrived after lunch so it was almost nap time for granddaughter.  Her mom purchased one ticket for one ride. This place must have some endowment because the price of the rides are still only 25 cents.

There was a magic show going on but we didn't dawdle there.

All the rides were under cover so even on a rainy day this is a nice place to visit with small ones.

Here's granddaughter riding in a car.  She was all smiles but sorry no frontal shots allowed by parents.

From here we walked to Lake Ontario expecting to put our feet in the water but the sign told us otherwise.

We viewed it from above and then headed back.

More on our visit to Buffalo area to come.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fort Niagara

Hard to tell what you're looking at here, but it is the entrance to Fort Niagara situated on the point where the Niagara River enters Lake Ontario.

We spent a Saturday morning in mid-July here when we were visiting daughter Sarah, son in law. William and granddaughter in their new environs of Buffalo, NY.

As forts go this is a large one with a storied past.

It's a New York State Park now and filled with stuff to make your visit interesting including ...


What's strange about this fort is this French looking chateau inside the walls.

Fort Niagara was first a French fort.  And the French not wanting to upset the native peoples built the chateau as their fort in 1726.

If you know your history, Britain beat the French in the French and Indian War so the fort became British.  Battlements were built by the British.

It stayed in British hands through the American Revolutionary War but was handed over once the colonies won independence.

During the War of 1812 the British recaptured it.

But the British had to give it back once the war was settled.

Re-enactors stage a demonstration of the cannon.

Below is when it fired.  It startled me so much I couldn't stay centered.

This building is called the French Castle.

Here's the rooms of the Fort commandant.

Here is one of them.

Fort Niagara is directly across the river from Niagara on the Lake which was settled by Loyalists during the American Revolution.  There was some mention at the fort of Patriots burning that settlement to the ground but I could find no mention of that when I searched to refresh my memory of the history.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Falls

On our way back from Niagara on the Lake I suggested we stop by to see the Falls since we were there.  I had no idea that the Canadian side was so built up.  Reminded us of Vegas in a way. 

 Parking would have cost $25 so we gave up searching for a spot and stopped in a Tim Horton's to use the rest room instead.  

There were considerable crowds along the Canadian side and traffic moved slowly.

We then headed over the Friendship Bridge and that's how we viewed the Falls as we waited to pass through Customs.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Niagara on the Lake

In June we traveled north to Buffalo to spend the weekend and celebrate the 2nd birthday of our youngest granddaughter.  We arrived on a Friday but planned to connect with family after breakfast on Saturday since Friday was a work day for them.  Since we had an early morning start (5 am), we managed to get to Niagara on The Lake in Ontario, Canada for a late lunch.

We found a parking spot on the street and had a walk around before settling on a spot for lunch.  A pending rainstorm make that a quick decision.

The lake is Ontario.

Across is the US and Fort Niagara which we visited the next day.

Here's the restaurant.

Scenes from the Main Street through the business district.

There were an incredible number of people in little tour groups throughout the town.  Later we saw where the tour buses park.  I imagine if you come to Niagara Falls and book a tour it must include a stop over here too.

An old hotel sits on this corner.

The park was filled with blossoms.

If you like to sample wine, then this is the place to be.  There are at least 20 vineyards outside of town and you can rent bikes to travel between wineries taste testing as you go. We didn't indulge!

 The town is also known for its playhouse with multiple plays and musicals being performed through the week.  We didn't come for that either.  After a short couple of hours we headed back to Buffalo and our overnight accommodations.