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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Haines Shoe House

 Ever since I was little and the family would travel from Maryland to Lancaster, PA I would see a very large shoe house on a hill overlooking US 30 - Lincoln Highway.  We never stopped to investigate what it was until last week.  On our way to meet Dan's brother for dinner outside of Reading PA we had time to spare so we went to find out what it was.

It is the Haines Shoe House built in 1948 by Mahlon N. Haines, the Shoe Wizard of York, PA.

It is modeled after a high topped work shoe and measures 48 ft long and 17 ft wide at widest part.  It's 25 ft  high.  It has 5 levels with 3 bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and living room.  I know all this from the brochure.  The shoe house was closed on this Monday.

There are shoes on the fence and the mailbox is a shoe!

Only in America!