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Monday, October 21, 2019

Barcelona -2

We arrived in Barcelona on a Wednesday, and our friends arrived on Thursday.  That Thursday afternoon we dragged them to the orientation session with Edlira, our onsite resource person.  We managed to use the Metro for the first time.  Our gathering point was the cafe on the right in this plaza.

A big reception was going on above us.  This was formerly a convent and now part of the University. That door under the upper balcony led to the sanctuary below.

When we sat at the cafe the walls were covered with these these lovely tiles.  One problem with outside seating in Barcelona was cigarette smoke.  Lots of people smoke in Spain.

Not sure where these doors led to but I was intrigued by them under the balcony.

Once we had our coffee, water, sweet snacks and the general orientation we headed off to have lunch.  Most restaurants offered a fixed price for lunch with multiple choices under three courses and beer, wine or water included.  

Notice below how each window has a balcony.

After lunch we headed back to the apartment.  All of us were still jet lagged especially Janet and Will who had arrived just that morning.