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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Traveling to Maine

 Last Wednesday, Sept 8th we got up early and headed north on Interstate 91 in Vermont. Living on the western edge of New Hampshire as we do the fastest way north is to travel along the state border which is the Connecticut River and the interstate, the fastest way, has very lovely scenery. Once a sufficient distance north we headed east, leaving Vermont and crossing the upper reaches of New Hampshire in order to enter Maine far enough north.  I had selected a route that would take us past numerous waterfalls in Maine before arriving at our first night's destination - Bethel.

Traveling through NH we came to Dixville Notch.  Besides being one of three notches in the White Mountains, its claim to fame is the early voting in every national election.

What made us stop was this lake scene below.  Looked like something out of the Canadian Rockies. We then saw the historical marker and knew where we were.

We tried all sorts of entrances to get a closer look at The Balsams but all the entries were closed except the service entrance and that was closed to us.  

We continued on our way to Maine.

Next post: waterfalls.