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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fishing for Tadpoles - A Spectator Sport

Last evening after dinner I happened to look out towards the pond and there was a deer on the far side overlooking the pond. A second deer was on the edge of the glen. My first concern was what were they eating! When I moved to the study window for a better look I discovered that the deer on the pond was a spectator. There was a raccoon fishing for tadpoles on the edge of the pond. The deer was watching it intently. I've never seen animal species (other than cats or dogs) so intent on what another species is doing.

Before long the raccoon finished up and then sauntered under my deck! Oh no! The deer by this time had become aware of me and stared me down trying to smell what I was. I moved and they both were gone.

Time to spray another dose of Liquid Fence and sprinkle some small critter banisher around the deck. As I was finishing up I saw the raccoon had been routed from under the deck and was at the edge of the glen. I shooed it on away for this time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden Sculptures

Several 200+ year old cedar trees were cut down along the lane to our house by the electric company. It was very sad to see them go needlessly according to one neighbor. We salvaged some of the wood. Dan will make some bowls on his lathe. He has 12 pieces to play with. I took pieces to make sculptures for the glen garden. What do you think?

This one will look better once the ferns I transplanted fill out.

Vegetable Garden Status

Blueberry bushes are doing well. Full of blossoms.

Peas in this bed have not done well, even after replanting. I took off the chicken wire screen and planted more beets there instead.

A volunteer squash of unknown variety.

One lonely lettuce seedling. None of the others did anything.

Spinach from last fall has been delicious.

Beets are so so. I expected more to show up. This bed gets a screen cover to keep the turkey from eating the peas.

Garlic doing well.

The bed with more peas, Brussels sprouts and spinach.

I'm not impressed with the germination rate of the seeds I bought this year. Spinach, beets, lettuce, and peas have not germinated as I expected them to. I planted more beets, and lettuce today and planted the mesculun seed mix I had purchased in Vermont last year that did well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

You know its Spring when ...

Pea Picker Discovered

On Sunday morning I saw the culprit. She was walking in the easement on the other side of the driveway beyond my garden. Even though she wasn't in my garden, I knew I had found her out. She must stop by my garden every morning at dawn to see what more she can nibble on. Today there were more peas shoots nipped off where there would be a pea seed.

She's a turkey!

I planted more peas this morning and I will get out my nets and chicken wire and protect my peas.

Gardening is a constant battle isn't it?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden Plan

First plant five rows of Peas : Preparedness, Promptness, Perseverance, Politeness, and Prayer.

Next to them plant three rows of Squash : Squash Gossip, Squash Criticism, Squash Indifference.

Then put in five rows of Lettuce: Let us be Faithful; Let us be Unselfish; Let us be Truthful.

No garden is complete without Turnips: Turn up for Church; Turn up with a Smile; Turn up with a new Idea; Turn up with real Determination.--- The Friendship Book.

Thank you to Stewart Greenwood of France for sharing this with me.