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Friday, March 26, 2021

Shutter Project Completed

We have all these old shutters in our barn. This photo taken before I did a culling.  Some were in too lousy shape to hope to do anything with them.


I did select one to scrape with a wire brush, and then wash thoroughly.  Amazing how much dirt accumulated in the maybe 100 years since these were on the house.  These were in the part of the barn where the 1906 newspaper was found.

I had to give it three coats of white spray paint.

Then I laid the letters for Spring on and spray painted green.

That took only one coat.  Lifting off the letters I didn't think the letter edges were clear enough.

So I used a black sharpie to outline the letters.

I got out the glue gun and added some silk flowers. 

I like how it turned out.  Now it's on my front porch for all to see.

The porch needs some pots of pansies but I'm finding that those are not for sale yet.  They would be if I was still living in Maryland.

Now to make one for daughter Emily.  I have other plans for shutters including an angel.