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Monday, August 24, 2020

A Quick Trip

 Friday we drove to Buffalo.  Sunday we returned.  It's over 400 miles!

The reason for the trip was to return granddaughter home.  She returned with the NH family from the family vacation at Oneida Lake to spend a week with cousins and two nights with us.  It was time for her to return home to start "school" (Daycare) again so her parents can have uninterrupted work at home.  Today is her first day!

I'm impressed with NY State!  Mask wearing is the law and just about everyone we've seen in very public inside spaces complies. At the parks, in open space, not so much, but that's okay.

Our return trip from Buffalo was by the long way.  We skirted the Adirondacks and drove along the St. Lawrence River in upstate NY.  Then crossed Lake Champlain into VT and then south east to NH and Lebanon.  It was a long day.  I was expecting better sights along the river than we had.  The prettiest section was through VT.

Here are the few photos I took.  You'll laugh!

The park we visited Saturday to view the falls.  Not much water going over this falls. It's in the town of Akron where the hexagonal house is.  (We drove by the house, Tom, but took no photos.)

Sarah, William and granddaughter masked.

Dan masked.

Me masked.

Sunday we stopped at Paula's Donuts.  That operation was really impressive - controlling customers entering, spacing them out, and two clerks at each register.  Oh, yes best doughnuts!

Stopped in Waddington, NY along the St. Lawrence for lunch.  Again everyone masked until seated.  Wait staff well masked.  This flag was flying over head.  Never seen one like it.

Only photo of the St. Lawrence.  Other than the tourist parts to the west in Clayton and Alexandria Bay this part of the drive was a bit depressing for the amount of poverty visible.  We wondered what the job opportunities were in these small towns.  One bright spot: very few tRump signs.