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Saturday, September 12, 2020

50 Books Read

 I'm listing the book titles I've read this year on a separate page.  Scroll down to connect to it.  I've just reached the 50 mark.  I was thinking that was low for me but in going back through my lists it's actually about right.  I guess I have been reading more than I thought and it's probably due to Covid.

Here is a quick note on what I liked for each of the last 5 books.

#46 The Story of Andrew Trulove by Elizabeth Berg 

It was a feel good story.  People doing the decent thing by helping each other.  Old man helping a teenaged girl and she helping him.

#47 The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney

A mystery set in 1800s Canada in the winter! Something I knew nothing about yet I could picture since we camped in northern parts of Ontario and took a train to Moose Factory on the James Bay.  I couldn't fathom what the winter would be like.  I learned by reading this.

#48 The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate

It's quite the thing in writing to have two time periods going back and forth.  Some authors do it well like Wingate did here.  This was a historical fiction taking place in Louisiana after the Civil War and in present day.

#49 The Light Keeper's Daughters by Jean Pendziwol

Another mystery set in Canada on Lake Superior. I liked the two voices: one old and one young.  Much like Trulove story above in young helping old and vice versa.  In this case a mystery was solved.

#50 The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney

I liked Penney's first book so sought out another one.  Again quite a mystery that kept me reading. Interesting because of the Roma/Gypsy characters.  I've realized of late how much I learn from well written and well researched fiction.